Festival Walk

Jane's Bike

Next available day:
May 2, 2014 | 11:00 AM

Walk Leader: James Kennedy

About This Walk

Transport Providence has been working with community members to re-imagine streets like S. Main Street and the West Side's Westminster Street, and has advocated for protected bike lanes on those streets. Join us May 2nd at 11 AM with your bicycle, and we will bike around some spaces in Downcity, the Jewelry District, and the West Side and talk about what can be done to improve them.

Much of the conflict between those that want these streets to improve and those who want them to stay the same has been around parking. Participants in this Jane's Walk (Bike) will learn more about the role of parking in our public spaces, and how clinging to parking can stand in the way of good design.

Preview photo by Sajith T S.

Walk Stops

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  1. College St & Providence River

About The Walk Team

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